Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turkey Avocado Melt with Easy Spicy Mayo!

Here is another easy sandwich I put together.   The spicy mayo was just my own improvisation.  Had I planned this sandwich ahead of time I would have attempted an authentic chipotle mayo.  But what i whipped up was still good for those days you don't feel like going out for groceries.

- Bread
- Turkey
- Avocado
- Cheese (I used a mexican blend)
- Extra virgin olive oil

Spicy Mayo:
- Mayonnaise
- cayenne pepper
- all purpose seasoning
- Lime

Preheat oven (350 will do).  Toast the bread on the skillet with some extra virgin olive oil (or butter if you prefer).  When you flip the bread go ahead and slather on some of that spicy mayo you pre-made.  While other side is toasting start to build your sandwhich.  Add the turkey and then topped with a big slice of avocado.  Next sprinkle with cheese and then transfer into oven to melt.  Easy peazy and oh so yummy!

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