Monday, January 24, 2011

Meatball Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries

Ok, this post may be a bit laughable because it's neither inventive nor labor intensive.. pretty much heating up and assembling. BUT, it's delicious so thought i'd share anyway.

You will need:
- Hamburger buns (or hoagies would be even better)
- Meatballs in sauce (try lynn's recipe from another post, i used trader joe's turkey meatballs)
- Lettuce
- Sweet potatoes (Trader joes sells them pre-cut and cleaned!!!)
- seasoning to your liking (salt, pepper, italian herbs)
- Mozzarella cheese (or what you prefer)

All you do is heat them all up... First season the Sweet potato fries with extra virgin olive oil, and seasonings that you prefer. Sweet Potatoes go in oven at 400 until crisp (about 15 min on each side). Add cheese if you like to melt on top at the end.   Don't forget to lightly toast the sandwich bread before putting on the meatballs, sauce, cheese, and lettuce.  When sweet potatoes are finishing up, put the assembled sandwich in the oven to warm up and let the flavors all meld together.


  1. dude i love stuff like this...heating it up! hell yea...that's how we have indian so often! delish! and thanks for the meatball you!

  2. Really Awesome sandwich here, friend. I love your blog. thanks for sharing.